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The recently established Institute ofUrban Development (IUD), located at beautiful NAU new campus, is sponsored byNAU in order to promote international research exchanges and cooperation in thefield of applied economics. The IUD aims to build up an internationallywell-known research center by providing first-class empirical microeconomicresearch.

Our research team members, mostlygraduated from overseas well-known universities, concentrated in research fieldssuch as urban and regional economics, industrial economics and public economicsetc. We are committed to providing an open, efficient and active research platform,by actively supporting and organizing various forms of academic cooperation andexchange activities, such as conferences, seminars, workshops and visiting exchangeprograms. We support empirical research and database construction and strivefor the sharing of academic resources between team members.

Not only do we hope to make the IUD a reputableresearch platform with an international perspective, but also hope that the IUDwill gather talents and provide a promising academic career developmentplatform for young scholars with great potential. We warmly welcome interested scholarsto join us!


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